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BN_Squirrel_TheMovie_09.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: NancyRose/BNPS..***Please Use full byline***..Ready for my close-Nut!..A group of wild squirrels have been snapped posing with human objects for a hilarious set of adorable photographs...Nancy Rose, 58, was inspired to take the quirky images when she spotted a squirrel sitting on top of a pumpkin she had left in her garden...She began building her own 'props' for the creatures to interact with, and left miniature items outside surrounded by nuts on her garden decking to entice them closer...She created a tiny washing machine, tumble dryer, hats, coats, musical instruments, easel and paint pallette, a boat and a fire place and waited for the animals to visit...The inquisitive squirrels have gradually learnt that they find nuts if they pick up or look inside the items, and have started frequenting the garden more often...Nancy patiently waits with her camera and takes more than 100 frames of each squirrel as they move incredibly fast...Nancy, a school counsellor from Nova Scotia in Canada said: "My squirrel pictures started almost by accident.