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Pic: DougEvens/NoahsArkZooFarm/BNPS<br />
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Pictured: A pyramid of tree chippings was also left for the rhinos, Rumba and Rumbull, who absolutely love the smell of different wood and took great delight in ascending to the top of the pile and sweeping their horns through it.<br />
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An estimated over 1,000 Christmas trees have been donated so far following a zoo’s now annual call to recycle trees. Staff at Noah's Ark Zoo Farm in Bristol planted a Christmas tree forest for the resident African elephants. 16-year-old Janu got to explore the trees but many of them didn’t last long against the approximately 4-ton animal.<br />
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“It is an ever-growing mountain of trees that we receive here, and we’re so thankful to our local communities and guests to help the zoo encourage reducing waste and turn something bought temporarily for Christmas into a wide-reaching benefit for the year ahead.” said Larry Bush, Managing Director of Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm