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BN_Salad-vadorDali_023.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: DanielRicon/BNPS..***Please Use Full Byline***..Green man...Leonardo Da Veggie!..An artist has transformed humble salad ingredients into works of art in a bid to encourage children to eat their greens...Daniel Ricon bought bags of lettuce, tomatoes, carrot, and cucumber and began layering them on a plate to make the healthy snacks seem more exciting...He created impressive pictures of animals including a cucumber crocodile, and a runner bean lion...Daniel also made a cat, duck, crab, owl, lion, rabbit, penguin, fish, cock, and even a martian...After completing each plate he took a picture and posted it to his website to document his wacky artwork...Daniel, 60, a visual artist from Paris in France, said: "I have used flowers, leaves, stones, shells, hands, sweets and cakes in my work and it resulted in me working with vegetables..."Working with vegetables is to present a fun way to eat food to children and invite them to try unusual things..."The goal is to make a dish salad to encourage children to eat everything, the subjects are placed on a plate to be eaten......