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Picture: RPS/Greg Parker<br />
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High-speed flash image showing the collision of two water droplets beneath a bursting soap bubble by Greg Parker, Hampshire. The two droplets fell at slightly different times. The first broke through the top of the soap bubble and hit the pool of water beneath. As the water from this impact reflected upward, it was hit by the second droplet. The image was captured using a Canon 5D Mark II SLR camera and a xenon flash unit with an exposure time of 9 microseconds.<br />
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Stunning photographs from the prestigious Royal Photographic Society's latest exhibition prove that science and beauty can co-exist. There 100 sensational images come from various disciplines of science and highlight how important photography is for academics. Photography plays a crucial role in medicine, forensic science, engineering, archaeology, oceanography, natural history and many more areas. The International Images for Science exhibition launches at the Great North Museum in Hancock, Newcastle, tomorrow (Sat), and showcases works from 54 scientists from around the world.