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BN_HippoCatching_07.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: MikeD.Kock/BNPS..***Please use full byline***..How many vets does it take to round up a Hippo...(12)?..A dangerous lesson in how to safely give medicine to a two-tonne hungry hippo has been captured on camera by a veterinarian...Wildlife vet Michael Kock, 60, organised the risky operation in Zimbabwe, where experts were trying out a new dosage of drugs on the huge mammal...While veterinary students looked on and took notes the lethal animal was brought under control in crocodile infested waters after it was shot with a sedation dart...The exercise was organised to teach pupils how to safely give medicine to sick animals without putting themselves or the creatures in harm's way...The new mixture of drugs the vets used was designed to make the beast docile enough for people to get up close to, but not too sleepy the hippo would drown in the water...Until recently whenever wildlife experts have had to sedate a poorly hippo in order to give it medicine it often resulted in the animal drowning...Around 35 per cent of the hippos would drown because the drugs would temporarily knock out the animals' dive reflex, which allows them to breath under water...