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BN_HydroBunny_012.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: Peter Willows/BNPS..Whats Up Doc.....Heidi the pet rabbit is having swimming sessions to cure her arthritis - and has to wear a lifejacket to make sure it isn't a case of 'Watership Drown'...Owner Amanda Williams was recommended by a vet to give the elderly continental giant rabbit hydrotherapy to treat the animals aching hips...Staff strap an adjustable vest designed for small dogs to the four-year-old rabbit and use a hair bobble to pin back her long ears to prevent water getting in them...Heidi is then placed in a heated pool where she spends 45 minutes doggy-paddling up and down...And the seven sessions the 3ft 2ins long rabbit has had so far have already helped to ease the big-eared pet's pain.