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PICTURED: The photographer also snapped aircrafts ditching in the sea in unrelated incidents as well as more light-hearted images of the crew relaxing on deck and posing together - Some men can be seen in their swimming costumes<br />
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Never-before-seen photos of a little known peacetime disaster in which a British aircraft carrier rammed a French liner causing 33 deaths have come to light 91 years later.<br />
HMS Glorious was on manoeuvres off Spain on April 1, 1931, with 17 of her Fairey Flycatcher aircraft flying above when she entered a fogbank.<br />
Her crew only noticed the SS Florida sailing across her at 30 knots at the last minute.<br />
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A sickening collision followed in which 32 passengers and one crewman on board the Florida were drowned or crushed.