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The beautiful gardens before the fire.<br />
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A £15m stately home has gone back on the market for a cut-price £2.5m after it was burnt to the ground in a suspected arson attack.<br />
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Grade I listed Parnham House, near Beaminster, Dorset, is now just a charred shell of the magnificent mansion it once was following the blaze in April 2017.<br />
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Its owner, hedge fund manager Michael Treichl, was arrested on suspicion of arson only to later drown in an apparent suicide. <br />
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A sale for £3m was agreed for the Elizabethan manor fell through earlier this year and it has now been listed for sale again.<br />
Despite initial vows by the family that they would rebuild the 500-year-old home, receivers have been brought in by the mortgage lenders to sell what remains of the property.