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BN_JigsawCollapse_015.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: DaveEvans/BNPS..The completed picture starts to fall....Picking up the pieces.....A jigsaw creator who spent over a month making a 40,000 piece puzzle for a world record attempt has had to start again - as it collapsed just one day after he finished...Craftsman Dave Evans from Weymouth in Dorset was hoping to create the largest hand-cut wooden jigsaw and spent 35 days making it out of 33 images of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee...Just one day after he put in the final segment of the 19ft 6in by 8ft masterpiece, Dave noticed it had moved slightly due to the sloping floor, and tried to adjust it...But as he moved the enormous puzzle he became distracted by someone asking for directions, and it suddenly collapsed from the frame and crumpled to the floor...Luckily Dave had already measured, photographed, and filmed the world record bid and sent the information off to the Guiness World Records before it was destroyed..