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'Death in a London Street'.<br />
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Jorgy Koka was shot dead on the evening of February 20th, 1968. The albanian-born factory worker lays dead on the street corner. (Now).<br />
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At first glance these appear to be run of the mill homes and streets, but they were actually the scene of some of the most horrific crimes to have been committed on our shores.

The harrowing before and now images feature in a book by historian Winston Ramsey who has researched and returned to the scene of dozens of infamous British murders.

Included in his book Scenes Of Murder, Then And Now, are chilling photos of the aftermath of murders perpetrated by notorious figures including Jack the Ripper, John Christie and Ruth Ellis, set alongside photos taken of the same locations today.

There are even grizzly photos of bodies which have been left in situ as the police got the ball rolling on their murder investigations.