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BN_TreeTent_15.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: Peter Willows/BNPS..This futuristic orb might look like a UFO as it hovers high above the ground but it is actually the country's first 'tree tent'...Suspended three metres high above the forest floor from a series of ropes attached to the woodland canopy, the state-of-the-art pod is the latest in glamping...The revolutionary design, which sleeps two adults, boasts a luxurious double bed that folds up to create a bench seat, LED lighting and even space for a woodburning stove...A wooden walkway leads campers up to the oval front door of the quirky tent, which is suspended in mid-air by eight spider-like ropes attached to surrounding trees...The frame is made from British ash wood sourced from local forests and recycled aluminium, with a cover made entirely from waterproof cotton...The three metre tree tent is the latest addition at The Secret Campsite at Town Littleworth, East Sussex...Campsite owner Tim Bullen, 45, said: "Our campsite is all about getting closer to nature and our tree tent is great way of doing that..