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Mow Jody, Mow! Jody's Just giving page. 

Forget the BBC's Sports Personality awards and the Ashes debacle, a true sporting great was born in the unlikely surroundings of the Bournemouth Athletic stadium yesterday morning as Landscape gardener Jody Fassinger smashed the world mowing record by more than 32 miles.

Gardener Jody Fassinger has set a new world record for pushing a lawnmower the furthest distance for in 24 hours.

Jody Fassinger, 40, pushed the petrol mower for a total of 57.6 miles, smashing the previous record which stood at 25.5 miles.

Jody, who works as head gardener for Hants and Dorset Gardening Services, carried out the feat on the large grass pitch of an athletics stadium in Bournemouth.

He set off at 7.30am on Saturday and mowed non-stop around the perimeter of the field for 24 hours.