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BN_PaintingPremonition_04.jpg (01202 558833).Pic: BNPS..Chloe Mayo and husband Michael on their wedding day..Artist Chloe Mayo painted a picture of her perfect husband before setting eyes on an identical real-life version of the man she has married...Chloe, 31, created the prophetic image of a herself holding hands with a male partner who had a dark beard...She forgot about the hastily-painted picture and weeks later joined an online dating website...Chloe spent two months messaging Michael Goeman, 30, through the singles site before meeting him face to face...After dating for six weeks Chloe thought Michael's face looked familiar and then remembered her painting and realised he was the spitting image of the man she painted...Because the oil painting was so uncannily similar to Michael, she hid the canvas under her bed in fear he thought she may have been stalking him...When she finally revealed the image to him a week later he was stunned at the resemblance, but to her relief he was not put off and actually proposed 18-months later...The couple were married at a ceremony near their home in May 2012 and have proudly hung the painting up in their lounge in Worcester Park, near Croydon in Surrey..